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General Veers
Hoth Battle Gear

I've gone ahead and added the armor on top of the General Veers skin I made
for the Imperial Officer model.  The armor hasn't been skinned, as the model isn't
quite right yet.  I'm just going to continue working on it till I get it all sorted out

I'm waiting on this one until I've completed the Improved Imperial Officer model I'm
working on. This page probably won't be updated much until that model has been finished.

For further updates, please check out the the Improved Imperial Officer page.

I've recently replaced Veers' helmet and armor with the parts I created for the Snowtrooper model.  I never fully realized how bad the mesh on those things were until I looked them over again,... ugh.  Fortunately for me, no one ever got a clear look at them.

I'ts interesting going back to them though, as those few pieces added to the original officer were the first 3D models I had ever made.  It shows me just how much I've learned in the past year.

I started texturing the chest piece and belt last night.  So far it's turning out rather well, makes me wish I hadn't stopped working on ol' Snowy when I did.

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