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Imperial Officer

Here's a comparison pic of the new Improved Officer model  next to
the original JO model, just to show how much it has actually changed.

I've re-colored the originals from the light navy blue to the proper field gray that the
movie uniforms were, and removed the blue tint form the reflective surfaces such as
the boots and belt.  I redesigned the code cylinders, and added several surf-able
parts such including 7 different sized rank bars, 4 belt boxes, and a holster.

Since the rank bars have been modeled on it will be possible to re-create the
multitude of ranks in both the Imperial Army and Navy without the need for
multitudes of textures.  There are seven different shaped bars in all, with
each square uv-mapped to a different section of the texture
to allow them to be colored as desired.

The boots were also given a face lift to make them resemble the jackboots
that they are supposed to be.  Once again, I've included a close
up comparison shot with the original model.

Here are a few pics of the new faces that I've whipped up for the model.
While they aren't all generic officers, not all of them were intended to be.
I don't know yet how many of them will actually be included with the model,
but I will try to make that information available prior to the model's release.


Other than the default gray, I've also reworked the other colors as well.
I'm planing on dropping the brown color in favor of uniforms that are
actually found throughout the movies.

The Improved officer will also feature an improved DH-17, the blaster that the imperial pistol was patterned after.

Unfortunately Jedi Outcast doesn't allow for shaders on third person weapons, so creating the laser-point scope was rather difficult.  Thankfully to Infinity Blade's hard work and determination, an interesting solution was devised which works very well.

Here's one of the new heads that I've been working on lately.  Unfortunately,
much of the body will need to be lightly altered in order to fully realize this character.
So this one definitely will not be included with the default officer.


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