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Rebel Soldier
Hoth Gear

One of the projects I started making back when JKII first came out was a skin pack of Rebels in hoth gear, based off the Imperial Officer model and intended for use in Jedi Fortress, a siege type mod for JO.  Eventually the mod team dispersed and due to lack of interest the project was continually pushed back until I decided that it would be best to wait until decent models could be made for them.

Here's an image of all 5 of the skins I was working on,...

Now I finally have some progress to show on a model I'm making for the Rebel Trooper.

This shot is of both the original skin, on the base Imperial model, and it's new counterpart.  The new model that I'm currently using was taken from parts of the  Navy Trooper and Hoth Luke models that I've also been working on.  Some of the proportions aren't quite right yet, but as one of my W.I.P.'s, it still has a long way to go,...

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