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Star Wars Jedi Knight II : Jedi Outcast
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Notable Notes
09/15 -
I haven't been able to get to my website now for a few days, so I've brought this old site up to date to act as a mirror until it gets up and running again.

I've gone through and uploaded all the pages which had changed since I moved, and added one that I never got around to posting on either site.  The Tutorial page works for the most part now, and the links page is more up to date but still needs a lot of work.  

I'll try to keep this site more up to date than I have, but due to it's limited bandwidth it will probably only be updated once a month.  For more day to day news, check out the forum/message board.

04/01 - MAP REVIEW, a site dedicated to reviewing the numerous maps released for Outcast & Academy, has posted the first edition of Prime's Skinning Monthly, which takes a look at the highlights of skins/models over the past month.  The month's article talks about Monsoontide’s Biker Scout, Kevin Coyle's Anakin Skywalker, several upcoming releases, and a complete review of my very own Sandtrooper,...

Prime's Skinning Monthly

03/28.- I've taken the time to update several of the tutorials, although they probably aren't as complete as they could be.  Over the next few weeks I'll try to update them more as I get the time.

I've also added a nedstat counter at the bottom of this page, for those who are interested in seeing the type of traffic this site generates.

Welcome to the new home of HapSlash's JK Home Page
With an easy to remember URL and more importantly, NO ADS!!!  I think I, and everyone else who visits the site, owes a deep debt of gratitude & appreciation to DELMAR for selflessly donating the space and domain name.  What a great birthday present,...

Thanks DELMAR!!!

I've also taken the time durring the move to take down all the pages lacking real content.  As I continue on those projects, I'll replace the pages.  But right now, all they were doing was wasting space.

I've released the Improved Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper models.  You can find them on the downloads page.

Someone just asked me why I don't have any links from my forum to my website. I countered them with an even better question,...  Why don't I have any links from my website to my forum?  Well here we go, for those who are unaware, I set up an EZboard community a few weeks ago, which can be found right here,...
HapSlash's Void



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