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Darth Vader

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later,...  : )


Here's a test shot of the new helmet with a body.  I'd like to point out, before anyone gets the wrong idea, that this is only a test.

The capes do not have the polys needed to animate correctly and there still is a lot of work to be done overall.  No textures have been made for this model yet...  The ones that are on him have been borrowed off of my Stealth Jedi Kyle skin.

Here's an updated shot with some new textures.
Much of it is still temp stuff, but it does help the overall appearance.

I've been working on Vader every now and then, but I couldn't quite get into
the project.  There are already several Vader models out there to choose from
and this one seemed a bit off to me.  Eventually I reworked the helmet which
made all the difference.  Afterwards working on him became much easier,
and with the new tricks I've learned things are running smoothly for a change,...

I've done the basics for the uv-mapping on the model.
I need to optimize it a bit more, then I can finish making the textures for him.

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