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From the opening scene in STAR WARS, the Stormtroopers blast their way on to the screen in one of the movie's most memorable scenes.  Donned/Clad in stark white armor and helmets reminiscent to a skull, these soldiers of the Empire are the unstoppable force behind the Imperial Army.  Lethal and Merciless, enslaving countless worlds to the will of the Emperor, The Imperial Stormtroopers are feared throughout the galaxy,...

Okay,... Sorry, but this model just isn't quite doing it for me, it just looks a little silly,...

First off, the trooper isn't even white, it's light blue.  And if that wasn't enough, the model itself has a great number of small imperfections throughout.

No offense to the person(s) responsible for making the model for Jedi Outcast.  The model is a good representation of the Stormtrooper, but I happen to be very meticulous person and can be extremely picky, especially when it comes to Star Wars.  The first time I played JKII,  I immediately took notice of the Stormtroopers.  All of it's flaws had distracted me from the game itself, which probably wouldn't have happened if he wasn't blue.

While I've been working with the Stormtrooper, I've been thinking about creating a new blaster for him.  Since his model will look more accurate, might as well do the same for his weapon as well.  I've been thinking about including it along with the model, which would replace the game's default version.

And since there hasn't been a decent update in a while, here's a nifty animated gif I whipped up of the improved E-11.

Well, it's finally in the game,...  and it looks as good as I had hoped.  So that means
that this model has been finished, and I've already released it to several JK websites,...
Check the downloads page to find out where you can get it.

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