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Imperial Navy Trooper

Here's the start of my 
Imperial Navy Trooper
(aka: Death Squad Commander)
(aka: Imperial Commando)

Based on the default Imperial model,  All that I've really done so far is add the helmet, gloves and boxes on his belt.  I'm re-editing the imperial model, so when I'm finished with that, I'll probably transfer the parts over to this guy.  Other than that, I will still need to add his holster and change the boots.  Then I'll finally be done with the mesh, and then I can start in on the textures.

I thought that it was about time that I actually posted something on this page as I haven't updated it in so very long.  All of the work on this model was done some time ago, but I never really had the urge to post any of it.

The mesh is fairly complete with few additional tweaks needed.  The helmet still needs to be uv-mapped, but when that's done I'll probably call it quits on this one.  I've gone ahead and made some textures for him this time around, although I'm not sure if I'll keep them this way or not.

I guess that's about it for now,...

I've updated this model with the parts taken off the Imperial Officer once again.  The helmet is also new, the old one wasn't working out the way I wanted it to, so I started over.  I posted the pics side by side so you could see some of the changes in the model, they aren't very drastic, but they're changes none the less,...

As for the texture differences, for the most part I planned on keeping them the same as before, but I appear to have misplaced a few of them since I last updated this page,...  I'll see if I can find the correct ones around here some where.

Just a quickie update,...
I've started sorting out the textures for the trooper's helmet.  At this rate,
I might be finished with this model before the Imperial Officer gets completely weighted.

I'm at the final run of textures, and the LODs are finished.  At this point I'm just waiting to get word back on the Imperial Officer.

Helmet detail, side and bottom

Final boot texture

Completed LODs for Navy Trooper

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