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Count Dooku Skin
model by Luuke

For those who have been following the work that was done on this page,
and were possibly waiting for a release, I'm officially announcing
that the project has been officially scrapped.

I will no longer be working on the skin for Luuke's Count Dooku
model.  I've lately given some thought to it and I've completely
lost interest in continuing with this project.


So,... Now that the Dooku skin project is dead,....

Count Dooku

Now that I've let go of that old skin I can finally give him the new model
that he deserves.  I'll admit that I'm not that fond of AOTC,...
but it's Christpher Lee dammit!!!

I've been beating the Imperial model into a new shape, adding a new head for
my own Count Dooku model.  The textures are the same ones that were made
for the Imperial Officer and work perfectly for Dooku's military uniform.

I've just started modeling the cape, so it's just a temporary piece.  I'm not
exactly sure how i's going to work out yet, but if it does it should give
me an idea on how to do Vader's.

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