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Clone Trooper

I know there are already several clone troopers out there, but With Episode III less than a year away I thought that it was time someone started on a Republic Stormtrooper model.  Since the new clones in Episode III look exactly as they do in Episode II with the exception of the helmet,  I've started a Clone Trooper project that will combine the two together into one model.

Since I still have yet to get my hands on complete references for the Republic Stormtrooper, most of the work will be speculative until all the details are revealed.

I'll also add the ARC Trooper gear if there's enough demand for it,...


I've done a little more work on the clone trooper,... I cut the helmet down to 600 polys and corrected several of the erroneous details.  The polycount is still a little higher than I was hoping, I may end up ditching the recessed visor.

I've also started on the body armor.  Most of it is getting close to being done at this point, but the abdomen needs more work and the shoulder pads aren't quite positioned right.

I've added another alternate head to the model, bringing the total so far up to three.  I still plan on including the pilot's helmet as well, but I have yet to start on that one.

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