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With the Farscape mini-series only a few months away I thought
that it might be time to get to some of these projects I've had
sitting around for a while.

I've decided to start over with Scorpius, the old model was no
where near what I was hoping for, going back to it after so
long really showed how little I knew about what I was doing.

Now that I've become more competent with  what I'm doing
I can finally make it the way I had originally envisioned it.

Here's an image of the older model, the one that I was originally working with, which started out as an altered form of Jedi Outcast's 'Jedi' model.

While the model looked decent enough, it wasn't as accurate as it could have been, and eventually would have called for much of the detail to be textured on.  Rather than proceeding with this altered version of Raven's 'Jedi', I've decided to start over with my own model instead.

From here on in, the project begins anew,...

Here is the newly modeled head and torso.  The armor on the
chest still needs some basic shaping done to it, then I'll have
to merge the shoulder pads into it.  And then I'll also need to
to some cleaning up of the polygons that make up the neck.

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