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07/04. Added my first tutorial,... 'Working with Modview'.  You can access it through the tutorials page, or directly through this link.
06/30. The 'Coming Soon' section has been updated with 4 pages of skins that are currently in progress.  Check them out!
06/28. I've recently joined a Mod team, The 'Evil Robot Us's', in their mod to update team play for JKII entitled Jedi Fortress.  I've added a link to the website in the links section as well.
06/25. I've finally gotten around to uploading the rest of the pages to my website.  There isn't much in the way of content, but I'm just getting started.
06/17. Bespin Luke Skywalker, ready for download!!!
06/12. Welcome to Hapslash's Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Homepage!  Nothing  to see here kiddies,...  Why don't you go run and play while i straighten things up a bit in here.