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Leia Organa

There really isn't much to this model yet, it's basically just a test at this point.  Virtually everything is still temporary, and will be until I actually get all the parts it will need sorted out. So why, you may ask, did I even bother posting the page,...?

The real reason behind this update was to post something on the alternate version of the model that I've had in mind, and was working on just recently.  It's components would be used on several of the other models I have in mind, but haven't gotten around to.

In part as a test for the ultimate RotJ Luke Skywalker model that I had planned on creating, but still haven't done anything for, I put together the Endor poncho version of the RotJ Leia model.  It's turned out fairly well so far, so I think I'll continue with it for now. 

The helmet is still pretty rough at the moment, but will also eventually be used to make Luke and the Rebel Trooper that I've continuously been putting off as well.

I didn't bother with any reference at this point, but I know that the collar isn't shaped right.  I'll need to make a few more passes over my references to see what else needs work before I will be able to continue much farther,...

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