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Assassin Droid

Here's a project that I've been working on for a while on the forums, and my most ambitious one to date.  I haven't had too much to show everyone as the work seems to go so slow.

The mesh is looking pretty good so far, but I still feel that I could squeeze a few more polys out of it.  Right now it's currently around 2600, which would allow me to get a little more detail into it before hitting 3000.

The textures covering the mesh are still pretty rough, but any serious skinning will have to wait  until the mesh has been completely worked out.

I've been revising the mesh to get the more detail into it, but I still feel that I could do more.

Some of the more prominent details are still just textured on, and some of it I would like to revise.  And since I'm definitely going to end up going back and reworking a lot of the parts in order to better animate it, I thought that I might as well go ahead and tweak the mesh even more.

While I know that the model hasn't changed that drastically since I first put up the page I decided that it was time to just go ahead and update it with what I have.

And here's the model with a few nice shiny textures on it,...

The metallic sheen was created in the modeling program I'm using and will hopefully be re-created by a shader in game.  I don't have any real experience with them, so I'm not exactly sure on how to achieve that look,... yet.

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