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Imperial AT-AT

Part of my tasks for the Jedi Fortress mod is to come up with various classes of soldiers that can be used in the game.  In order to do so I've gone through the movies and started on several different characters that would make up the different types of soldiers seen throughout the Star Wars universe.

This is the preview image, which was posted to my site earlier, of the AT-AT Driver I was working on.  It's basically just a new skin that had been placed over the existing TIE Pilot model.  This isn't exactly correct for the AT-AT Driver, so I've decided to edit out my own model, just for the sake of accuracy.

I've replaced the face plate on the helmet (the original stuck out way too far), the
cylinders on the front and back of the helmet were added, and the hoses had to be redone.


This model has been put on an indefinite hold as the Jedi Fortress Mod has broken up leaving me with a multitude of projects seemingly going nowhere.  I'm not totally abandoning them, but there are other projects that have a much higher priority than these.  I may come back to them; but as to when, I have no idea,...

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