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Kyle Katarn
Dark Forces

Here is a prject that I've been interested in ever since I started modding for Outcast.  Out of Lucasarts' entire Dark Forces series, I've always enjoyed their first game the most.  It has a more developed sense of adventure that I feel it's successors are lacking.  

When the Dark Forces Mod group started I wanted to join up, but unfortunately I was already involved with a mod team.  The mod in question has since disappeared and none of it's members has bothered to contact me.

But, when Infinity Blade told me how he was getting kinda fed up with working on his Kyle for the mod, I took the oppertunity to create a model on my own.  What resulted was the model on this page, IB took the model and the textures I created, added a few of his textures, and combined several others, and we ended up with this.

Not bad for my first colaberation.  After this image was taken I sent the model back to IB who is currently working on finishing it up and getting it into the game.