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Custom 12" Lightsaber
Luke Skywalker
- A New Hope -

I've had in the back of my mind, for some time now, the urge to go back and redo
the 12" Luke Lightsaber from SW:ANH.  I was never really happy with the
saber the figure originally came with (it was too long and not
wide enough), so I thought up this project.

I kept putting it off until recently by circumstance I found myself standing
next to the metal tubing in my local hobby shop, next thing I know
I had bought the materials to begin my own Lightsaber.

Click here for the instructions on creating D-rings

Here's a pic of a Saber prop I pilfered from off the net.

Here's a photo of an original Graflex 3-Cell Flash tube


Obi Wan's Jedi Academy 
provided the photos to the left and the detailed information on how to construct a life-size replica of the props used it the Star Wars Trilogy

So here's where I start, I know what the original prop looks like, and now I know exactly what it was made from.  Now, how do I make it in 1:6 scale?

Recently I came across this site called 
Project Graflex
The site shows you how to make your own Graflex flash tube from bits and pieces found at your local hardware store.

Utilizing the information from both sites I formed a plan using aluminum tubes found at my hobby store.

Here's the first picture of my new saber.  It almost looks exactly like a Graflex flash tube.  I'm striving my best to make this as accurate as possible without entering the realm of insanity.  All I have left is to make the knobs on either side of the body and the box part of the clamp, then it will fully resemble the flash handle