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Here is my customized 12" Han Solo.  Unsatisfied with the recent releases of the Han Solo 12" figures Kenner/Hasbro put out for their Collector's series I decided to sculpt my own likeness of Harrison Ford.

Thanks to The Sarlacc Pit for allowing me to use their images of the Hasbro Han Solo Heads
Here is a comparison photo of the heads used for the 12" Han figures.  The first one is of the head used for the first of the Solo figures, the second is the newer head used in the recent store exclusives, and the last is my own version used on my Custom Han Solo figures.
HAN SOLO - A New Hope
HAN SOLO - Return of the Jedi
Original Belt & holster
Custom Belt & holster
I also used in the making of these figures, several pair of Han Solo boots and holsters pulled off AMT/Ertl vinyl models, one treanch coat from a G.I. Joe Eisenhower, and several other odd bits and pieces.
Original & Custom Laser Pistols